The Classmates for peace project

Protecting Schools and Children's Corridors from political activity in the Kenyan elections 2013.

The classmates project was an undertaking by The Change Trust ti create peace hubs in pre-select communities for their diversity of cultures and therefore historically considered volatile during the electoral periods. The children in the schools, were used persuade their parents and community by influencing them to think about the effects of peaceful transition on the stability and development of their children.

"Growing up should be fun- we should not be afraid."


  1. Reduce the likelihood of election related violence during the national elections in Kenya in 2012/2013 by empowering children to advocate tolerance and peace.
  2. Protect the rights of children in all activities relating to elections in Kenya by protecting schools and community centers from election campaigns.
  3. Inform, educate and influence caregivers through civic education specific to national elections in a new constitutional dispensation in Kenya.


  1. Training children as peace builders in schools and other child spaces – church and community grounds.
  2. Distribution of civic education materials with a cohesive intent to communities through children.
  3. Generate discussion and expression for unity and peace during the entire electoral and post-election period using children as catalysts.
  4. Create child spaces for the benefit of children around the election period.