Child Safeguarding, Child Protection, Leading Adoption in Kenya


Presenting real information and suggesting practical solutions to children's issues.

The Africa Center for Children’s Human Rights aims at protecting the human rights of every child in Africa by enhancement of child centered laws and policies.

This is done through:

  1. Provision of child centered materials and a knowledge hub for children’s human rights.
  2. Analysis of constitutions; and their dynamics to child protection laws, policies and practices.
  3. Facilitation of dialogue and training for child protection practitioners and policy makers.
  4. Promotion of model best practices in child protection.

This facility documents the progress in legislative reform in Africa such as:

  • - Constitution development, Children’s laws,
  • - National bodies for management of children affairs, national budgets and their impact on children,
  • - Government and civil society activities that are on a national scale that affect children.

Experts at the center provide an in-depth analysis of these documents with a bias on the effects on children’s human rights.

They also string together seemingly unrelated activities if their collective effect is a child protection issue and then bring together stakeholders in those different activities to provide reprieve for the children. Examples of such activities include strikes in the public transport sector and the intrigues of fuel shortages and random changes in prices of food and basic commodities. Though seemingly sporadic, they affect children’s attendance in school, drastically alter their diet and stress children through anxiety passed on by their caregivers.

The Center periodically brings together policy level stakeholders to negotiate a child rights based approach to national planning and structuring. This is especially at the points of national resource allocations such as long term and medium term government budgets, formation of new governments immediately after new constitutions, formulation of child centered government strategic plans and social policy discussions.