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In Kenya, children are placed in families through either of two legal processes;

adoption or foster care.

Foster care is when a child in need of care is removed from the risky circumstances and placed with a family for a short time.

Kenyan law limits foster care arrangements to one year, and this is done through the government Children's office. A family or individual willing to foster a child is assessed and approved with the full knowledge that the arrangement is temporary. They are then able to take of the children in their household from either a children's orphanage, or placed directly from a risky situation.

At Change Trust you will get a counselor and legal adviser to guide you through the process if you want to be a foster care parent.

Adoption is the permanent placement of a child in a new family. In Kenya, Adoption is completed through a Court Oder by the High Court. The Court Order states that the child is now registered as a member of their new family in the same way as if they were born there.

Before the court can allow an adoption to occur, the adopting family or individual is required to be assessed and approved by an Adoption Agency, duly registered by the Department of Children's Services. Adoption Agencies also legally avail children for adoption.

CHANGE Trust is licensed as an Adoption Agency in Kenya and has the legal mandate to approve parents for adoption, and place children into the new families. Our social workers will be happy to take you through the adoption process in a discreet and considerate way.